WSI Reports

WSI Survey “Gender on the Agenda”

During autumn 2017, 700 seafood professionals agreed to share their perception on the situation of women at their workplace and in their industry in general. Their precise answers and enlightening comments were analysed to produce this exploratory survey which fills in some knowledge gaps, feeds the debate and identifies new avenues to address the challenge.


WSI WATCH 2017 is an inaugural compilation which reports relevant news, events and research that happened in 2017 at the intersection of women/gender and the seafood industry.

This annual report highlights over 50 stories from 30 countries, from the developed and the developing worlds, where contexts vary significantly but where surprisingly similar norms and stereotypes deeply rooted in this “male dominated” industry persist.

In sharing with you this compilation we intend to participate in the diffusion of positive initiatives which shed light on the contribution of women in the economic sphere and specifically in the seafood industry.