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22.09.2017 Undercurrent News: Enought talk, time for action

22.09.2017 Intrafish: Women push for stronger role in seafood sector

14.09.2017 Morgunbladid, Iceland: Konur eru líka í sjávarútvegi

11.09.2017 Undercurrent News: WSC praised for number of female speakers as WSI launches

June 2017 Ministry of Fisheries, Spain: WSI in Boletín informativo Red Española de Mujeres en el Sector Pesquero

12.06.2017 2017 World Fishing p08-09

10.06.2017 Hakai Magazine: The Invisible Fishing Fleet

07.03.2017 FIS Worldnews: The 8th of May, What about in the seafood industry?

07.03.2017 SeafoodSource: A different kind of quota

26.01.2017 Opprettet ny organisasjon for kvinner i sjømatnæringen

25.01.2017 FIS Worldnews WSI the new association for women in the seafood industry will be at the Icelandic Fisheries Fair

25.01.2017 UndercurrentNews: New Body to promote Gender Equality in the Seafood Industry

24.01.2017 AgriSalon: Les femmes oubliées de l’industrie des produits de la mer

24.01.2017 Fishfarmingexpert : Women set sites on Icelandic trade fair

24.01.2017 Intrafish, Elisabeth Fischer : New global Women in Seafood association launches in France _ Article _ IntraFish

24.01.2017 IceNews: A new Association for Women in the Seafood Industry

AFP 24 01 2017 Press Agency in French WSI Les femmes dans l’industrie des produits de la mer


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