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How can you support WSI?

By becoming a friend or a sponsor of the association you will help WSI to deploy its advocacy efforts.

You can either use the paypal tool down here and precise the amount or you make a bank to bank transfer to WSI bank account  IBAN: FR76 4255 9000 6941 0200 4309 568 at Credit Cooperatif BIC : CCOPFRPPXXX.

Receipt and fiscal deduction for tax payer in France will be forwarded on request.

All members will receive the Annual WSI WATCH that compiles news and events that took place over the year with regards to women in the seafood industry (facts, initiatives, trends).

How can you contribute to WSI activities?

WSI’s core activities are focused on increasing women’s visibility in the seafood industry, promoting gender equality and raising awareness of gender issues amongst public and private stakeholders. We invite all seafood professionals, and others, to share information, good stories, positive initiatives or less positive experiences. You can be our eyes and ears in the field.

You can signal ongoing projects that we would be most happy to publicize if they fall within the objectives of the association.

Send your information to womeninseafood[at]