2017 WSI in Iceland

Women’ stand at Icefish: A Room of One’s Own

WSI was at the 12th Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition in Reykjavik in Iceland, September 2017. This was the very first time that a women’s association hold a stand at a professional fisheries fair.

In cooperation with the Escuela Universitaria de Estudios Empresariales (EUEE) from the University of Vigo, Spain, three junior seafood professionals [Mariana Toussaint, Carmen González and Sofía Lorenzo], holding a Master’s in International Commerce from EUEE have been selected to participate to this week.

WSI prepared for them a very dense programme. It included the attendance of the World Seafood Congress, where they participated in a round table on the situation of women in the fisheries sector. They met and interviewed prominent seafood professionals of which Erla Björg Guðrúnardóttir CEO of Marz Seafood, Marcus Coleman CEO of Seafish UK, Gudny Karadottir the Director of Food, Fisheries and Agriculture Division at Promote Iceland (Islandsstofa), Leonie Noble, President of the Fisher Women Association in Australia and many other accomplished professionals.


“Time to bridge the gender gap in the seafood industry”

Last but not least, they talked to Þorgerður Katrin Gunnarsdóttir, Icelandic fisheries minister who had expressed interest in this program and insisted to meet personally the three young women! She gave them invaluable advises: “Don’t stay in the corner. Speak out and don’t worry to be wrong sometimes. The most important is that you express your opinion.”

On the WSI’s colourful stand Þorgerður Katrin Gunnarsdóttir the Minister of Fisheries, Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson the president of Iceland, Alexander Mora, the Minister of foreign trade of Costa Rica have been presented the situation of women in the industry and discussed with WSI team about the situation in their own country. They agreed with the Minister who called to “bridge the gender gap and to do more to close the gender inequality in the seafood industry”.






WSI’s first official event



World Seafood Congress 2017

In September 10th to 14th, a three days conference on the future of seafood has  welcomed 113 speakers [of which 43 female] and hundreds of participants. A special session will be dedicated to Women in Seafood, where MC Monfort one of the co-founder of WSI will chair the session dedicated to “Role of Women and Social Impact of Seafood” during which speakers from the UK, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Sri LAnka presented the situation in their countries.



Equality in Iceland