First International Conference of Women in Fisheries

November 2018.  Spain has always been avant-garde in the matter of women in the seafood industry and once again proves its political commitment at taking this issue seriously.

In November 2018 the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food set up a very ambitious congress to discuss women in the seafood industry.  This event gathered some 300 participants (less than 10% men) from 20 countries including top political representatives (Minister level) of Morocco, France, Portugal and Spain, in addition to FAO.

This international congress recognised the high value added by professional women in the seafood industry, praised their great level of commitment all along the value chain. It was as well interesting to note that women are perceived as solution providers in different fields (environment, employment).  Simultaneously, during the different workshops, both organisational and political difficulties met by women associations’ evidence that their voice is not always recognised as it should be. One strong conclusion was the necessity for all stakeholders to interconnect and converse more often, to give them time to find the same language and be mutually understood.

Morocco took up the challenge for organising the next gathering, much awaited by the participants.