Few women at the top

November 2016. A recent investigation proves that women are still dramatically under-represented in the global seafood sector at responsibility level.

The short review is based on the analysis of the gender identity of the leaders of the top 100 world seafood companies recorded by Undercurrent News in 2016. Leaders include members of executive and non-executive boards. Detailed information was available for 71 out of the 100 companies listed.

Over half (38) of the 71 seafood companies have 100% male boards with no woman holding leadership responsibilities. In other industries, such exclusive male leadership is very rare today in large listed groups. Overall 84% of all studied seafood companies have less than 20% of women on management and executive boards.

Women at top positions in the seafood industry: percentage of companies with women on boards
54% of companies include 0% women; 30% include < 20% women; 13% include 21% to 40%; 4% include 41% to 50%; no company include > 51%