Promoting women at Ifremer, French Marine Research Institute

March 2016. Women are under-represented in sciences, with less than one scientist over three being a woman. Ifremer, the French Marine Research Institute, has been working at reducing inequalities in the past years. The presence of women at medium and high management levels has climbed from 19% to 38% over the past sixteen years. Is it the result of a supply (more graduated female scientists) or a demand (on purpose gender equity policy)? What is sure is that every 8th of March Ifremer remembers that women are part of its valuable assets.


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Daniela Zeppilli, scientist – Courtesy photo Fred Tanneau









In 2016 Ifremer launched a set of short videos highlighting the work of its women scientists. Here is the presentation of Agata Zykwinska


All videos are available HERE