North Atlantic Seafood Forum

 January 2017. Where are the women at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum, a yearly successful gathering for top seafood managers? Over the three days event, male and female speakers are invited to present the latest development in their fields. The number of women asked to share their knowledge has always been appallingly low (4% in 2012).

When a member of WSI asked the director of the event “why isn’t there more women at NASF” the organisers explained “I and my team had no names of female experts we could think of inviting. We had no women in our network”.

2012 NASF by webzine Seafood Source



WSI is waiting for the 2017 programme. Obviously there is still much to be done looking at the drawing (above) that the NASF has chosen for its  communication.

The 2017 NASF has taken place with a surprising and welcome 19% female speakers. This little story says that diversity is reachable. May the efforts continue and the other major seafood conferences’ organisers be inspired.